UNSEC participation in Colombia’s Peace Process

Diego Garcia-Sayán published today an interesting article sharing his opinion regarding the UN Security Council unanimously agreeing to participate in Colombia’s peace process.

Garcia-Sayan highlights the importance of the agreement in three mayor topics:

  1. The agreement is not an imposition from the UN Security Council, on the contrary it was a request from the Colombians to assure and “secure the peace process arrival to the finishing line”.
  2. International experience has shown that to ensure a ceasefire, effectively ending hostilities, and ensure full compliance with the terms of the agreement, United Nations assistance has proved tremendously effective in virtually all cases.
  3. The Colombian government and FARC agreed that the UN mission should be composed of nationals of the CELAC that is, nationals of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Garcia-Sayan stresses that cultural similarities, historical-even linguistic-could help a better articulation of the UN with the Colombian reality, thus assuring the success of the peace process.

You can read the article in Spanish here

Diego Garcia-Sayán is the former Justice and Foreign Affairs Minister of Peru and currently a Judge on the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

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