Nicaragua Sold its Sovereignty to a Chinese Man in a Suit

Very interesting post, I wonder what would be the US reaction toward this partnership in the forthcoming future.

Global Public Policy Watch

China’s ever-growing presence in Latin America, specifically in Nicaragua, has made the Central American country a playground for the Asian superpower. On July 2014, the National Assembly, composed mainly of Sandinistas, Nicaragua’s ruling party, rubber stamped a law granting a 50-year concession, renewable up to 100 years to the HKND Chinese Group with rights to build an interoceanic canal.  They specifically granted, “The sole rights to the Hong Kong Nicaraguan Canal Development Group (HKND) to plan, design, construct and thereafter to operate and manage the Nicaraguan Grand Canal and other related projects.” In other words, the former “revolutionaries” of Nicaragua sold their country to a Chinese man in a business suit.

It seems that the Sandinistas never learned about the East India Company, since they had no problem granting the Chinese firm unrestricted rights of natural resources exploitation and ownership for 116 years, which is in itself…

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