Unlikely to reach an agreement by 3/23: FARC

Yesterday, the Government of Colombia and the FARC began the last stage of the peace dialogue aiming to accelerate negotiations. Differences have risen on the unlikeliness to sign the final agreement on March 23. “We are doing the impossible, but there are objectives that will probably prevent to reach an understanding before the deadline”, “There are still too many commitments to meet, like for example the government of Colombia still has to dismantle paramilitary groups “, said guerrilla member Milton de Jesus Toncel ak.a. “Joaquin Gomez”

FARC’s statements contrast President Juan Manuel Santos instruction to “put the foot on the gas” (meter el acelerador hasta el fondo) to sign the peace process before or on the deadline.

FARC’s chief negotiator, “Iván Márquez”, warned via Twitter that insisting to reach a final agreement by March 23 should be considered “naïve” as there are still notorious delays in the implementation of the Pact on Transitional Justice, the federal pardon to some thirty FARC members that were supposed to be released last Christmas.

This past meeting in The Havana focused on the last item of the agenda: end of the conflict, including bilateral ceasefire and the definitive abdication of arms from the guerrillas.

The peace process have taken more than three years of negotiations, fortunately the parties have already agreed on issues like land ownership, rural development, political participation and eradication of illicit crops and drugs.

Original article in Spanish from Entorno Inteligente

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