Venezuela announces new ‘people’s parliament’

Two nephews of President Maduro’s wife prepare to plead on drug trafficking charges in New York, and a senior government official looks likely to be indited, the beseiged Caracas regime announces a new parallel parliament

Written by Harriet Alexander for The Telegraph

Venezuela’s government has found an ingenious way to cling on to power in their rapidly-unravelling state: announcing the creation of a new, parallel parliament which will run as a “people’s assembly,” beside the National Assembly they no longer control.

Last week’s routing at the polls has hit the regime of President Nicolas Maduro hard, leaving the government reeling at the news that the opposition will, from January, hold a two thirds “supermajority” in the National Assembly. With that they can declare amnesties for political prisoners, pass votes of no confidence in ministers, and even attempt to remove Mr Maduro.

So on Tuesday night Diosdado Cabello, the outgoing head of the National Assembly, announced that he was creating a new “National Communal Parliament”. He gave no details of how it would work, other than to state that it was designed to give revolutionary activists a mechanism to make decisions and manage resources.

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