U.S. will soon charge Reverol and Molina for Tipping Off criminal organizations

According to the New York Times, Reuters and The Telegraph, the U.S. Prosecutors will soon charge Mr. Reverol – head of Venezuela’s National Guard and Hugo Chavez’s confidant- and Mr. Molina -part of the anti drug unit- with corruption, accepting bribes from drug traffickers, and hindering investigations.

Prior to this case, the U.S. charged two nephews of the Venezuelan president’s wife with drug trafficking and proceeding to the arrest last November, in Haiti.

Such indictment could be as soon as the end of the month, however it would be hard to proceed if Mr. Reverol and Molina remain in Venezuela, which has no extradition treaty with the United States.

President Maduro dismisses the charges and stresses that is all part of a “right-wing campaign” to discredit Venezuela.


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