FARC Victims Caught between Peace and Justice in Colombia

Written by Maria Paula Suarez Nava for Panam Post

A large sector of Colombian society believes that the government has been excessively lenient with the FARC rebels, granting them far too many concessions in exchange for gestures which should have constituted the basic starting point of any serious negotiation.

Although the government created a Truth Commission and allowed three groups of victims to visit Havana under the auspices of the United Nations, the Catholic Church, and the guarantor nations (Cuba and Norway), Hoyos believes that the victims as a whole are not represented at the negotiating table.

“The victims should be the key players in the resolution to any conflict,” he says. “They should be the ones giving the green light to any agreement. But, in this case, a small group of victims has been handpicked, so that the process is biased. Many of them have been bought off with bureaucratic posts, and the government has even offered their relatives high-ranking positions in the administration.”

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