12.08.15: 112

In Venezuela

Two days after a landslide of popular support at the polls handed the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD) a majority in the National Assembly, the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) finally confirmed what MUD officials had been saying since Sunday night: the opposition bloc won 112 seats, giving it a 2/3 majority in the legislature. The MUD reached the monumental milestone after its candidate in Aragua’s Circuit 3 beat the PSUV candidate by 83 votes.

Aragua’s local CNE office announced early this afternoon that the MUD candidate in the state’s Circuit 3, Karin Salasnova, won 69,140 votes versus PSUV candidate’s Rosa Leon 69,058.

On midnight Sunday, the CNE announced that the MUD had won 99 of the National Assembly’s 167 seats, and that 22 circuits were too close to call at the time.

As of 7:30 PM local time, the CNE’s official website has yet to be updated to…

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