12.07.15: A New Era

In Venezuela

Venezuelans continued to reel from last night’s shocking electoral victory that saw the PSUV handed the greatest defeat in its history. The head of the Consejo Nacional Electoral, Tibisay Lucena, announced last night at midnight that the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica opposition bloc had won 99 of the National Assembly’s 167 seats versus the PSUV’s 46, with 22 seats left undecided.

Even in the unlikely event that the PSUV picks up all 22 of the undecided seats, the opposition would still have enough seats for a simple majority, giving it control of the country’s legislative assembly.

The far more likely scenario is that the opposition will win enough of the undecided seats to push it over the 3/5 majority threshold at 100 seats, granting it more legislative muscle than it would have with a simple majority. The opposition would need to win 14 of the undecided seats to give it…

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