FARC and BACRIM in Business Ties

Although FARC have insisted the Colombian Government on strategies, actions and solutions to deter the phenomenon of criminal organizations and paramilitary, reality shows otherwise. According to El Colombiano there are intelligence reports that link FARC members directly to the “Los Urabeños“, ” Rastrojos ” or ” Erpac “, on drug-trafficking, territory and personnel.

Just two weeks ago, “Leo” who was 3rd in command of FARC’s front 36 , was shot down during operative Barro Blanco, reports confirm that “Leo” was the liaison with the criminal gang “Los Urabeños”, and that he was in charge of negotiating the drug produced in their region.

As expected, FARC denied business ties with drug-traffickers and labeled the reports as propaganda warfare.

” The first element of a war is propaganda, weaken your enemy, that is the first element of a war…The FARC are of socialist conception, no member of the FARC aspires to individual capital accumulation and the reason for the drug dealers is the individual capital accumulation, therefore they are our enemy by nature” –Benkos Biohó

The facts evidence the relationship between guerrilla, paramilitaries and criminals, thus affecting the peace process.

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