FARC: “Peace Process will Not Start until Agreement on Transitional Justice is Signed”

Published on La Prensa Latina

farc havana
FARC Delegation in the Dialogues for Peace in Havana said today, that the six-month term to sign the peace agreement with the Government of Colombia wouldn’t be “activated” if the agreement on transitional justice is not signed, a matter they believed “sealed” since las September 23.
FARC Chief negotiator, Ivan Marquez (aka Luciano Marin Arango) said that the peace process is going thru a “series of difficulties” that should be resolved “immediately” to ensure the progress of the negotiation, which has the topic justice as one of the main obstacles. “First thing we need to do is to close the path to unilateral decisions on issues that should be agreed upon the parties”.
FARC proposes a joint effort to address the phenomenon of para-militarism, and to discuss measures regarding the role of the guerrilla during the peace process, amnesty, the removal of the organization from the terrorist list and a differentiated judiciary treatment to the insurgents.
FARC and the Government of Colombia began a new round of negotiations with the challenge of moving towards a bilateral truce before the end of the year, which would prepare the way for the final agreement which, according to the proposed deadline would be signed before March 2016.

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