Evo Morales agrees to buy German Technology for Energy and Mining

morales y merkel

President Evo Morales and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation amongst the countries on energy, mining, justice and technology.
On a joint press conference with Chancellor Merkel, President Morales stated that in the next two years they will “purchase German Technology worth 1 billion dollars”, especially for mining and wind energy.

The highlight of the meet
ing was Morales announcement of the Lithium industry in the Bolivian region of Salar de Uyuni, which spreads approximately 10,000 km2 near the crest of the Andes, and according to government sources it has near 100 million metric tons of lithium, making it one of the most important deposits in the world. Morales stressed the importance for German Technology because “the need of the expertise and scientific knowledge” to exploit it.

Of course, Mrs. Merkel was happy to build a golden bridge with Bolivia, especially on renewable energy, and envisioned a near bilateral trade agreement with the European Union and Bolivia, who is in the process of joining Mercosur.

President Morales is still on tour and will meet with President François Hollande (France), Prime Minister Enda Kenny (Irland) and economic authorities from Italy.

Mr. Morales is offering Bolivia’s lithium deposits worldwide, despite the economic benefit that it will certainly bring to the energy sector and related industry, I wonder what would be the consequences for the environment and the populations in the area?

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