VRAEM rescue follow up

Defense Deputy Minister, Ivan Vega, stated that there were 8 children and 7 adults rescued from Sector 5, and reassured that there were no more hostages in that specific region.

The deputy minister explained that there were no clashes during the rescue because the captives were under supervision of a single responsible member who, seeing the arrival of the national forces, decided not to resist and surrender to authorities.

“We are not triumphalist, there is still work to do. We know that cowards like Quispe Palomino and his brother still hide in Vilcatán. We are not triumphalist, there is work to do,” said the Deputy Minister.

The Minister said that “there are no more captives” in that sector since the intelligence work done in the area has allowed them to confirm that fact.

To watch the full interview click on the link, interview is in Spanish.


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