08.03.15: “The People are Hungry!”

In Venezuela

In an article titled “Caracas: Eleven Hours to Buy MeatEl Mundo tells the story of Carla Aguirre, a Caracas resident, as she tried to buy meat on day.

The article states that Carla began to line up outside the Mercal in La Trinidad at around 6:00 on a recent Tuesday hoping to buy beef at Bs. 600/kilogram (in a privately owned supermarket, beef sells for around Bs. 1,200/kilogram). At 3:48 PM, she left the supermarket empty handed after spending most of the day in line.

Carla told El Mundo that she earns “a bit more” than minimum wage, which currently sits at Bs. 7,421.66 per month ($10.96 at the current black market rate of Bs. 676), so she must be very careful with her spending:

I live with two other people who don’t work: my daughter and my mother. We buy three kilograms of meat…

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