Shinning Path has a new political face: FUDEPP

FUDEPPShinning Path (Sendero Luminoso) has a new political face: FUDEPP. A report released tonight by Panorama reveals a new public Shining Path faction called United Front in Defense of the Peruvian People (FUDEPP –Frente de Unidad y Defensa del Pueblo Peruano), a movement that seeks registration with the National Election Board (Jurado Nacional de Elecciones).

According to experts consulted, FUDEPP is part of a plan allegedly handwritten by Abimael Guzman. The first step was the Movadef, and it continues on this second seeking participation in elections and amnesty to terrorists.

The face of this new group is Naldo Chávarry, a former member of police investigation of our country and former candidate of Carabayllo, who claims to seek “amnesty for all” and that it would no be a movement allied to the senderismo.

“The FUDEPP does not include ideas similar to Movadef. There is a wound that is open, and we need to heal. That includes military, police … those called terrorists are actually political prisoners,” he says.

The movement has already reached more than 400 thousand signatures to become a political party and participate in political life. While this fact is disturbing, it should be remembered that the JNE had recently published a Register of Political Organizations in which is detailed that any party seeking registration may not attain registration of its ideology is linked to violent and undemocratic factions.

Original article posted in La July 26, 2015 translated to English by Gaby Rendon, read original article in Spanish



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