Colombian government threatens arrests for social media posts of videos of terrorist attacks

Dr. Lorena Brownlee

Last Thursday in Botago Colombia two bombs went were detonated in what the government has declared a terrorist attack. In the aftermath of the attack,video footage taken by witness began to surfaced on Facebook and Twitter.

On Friday President Juan Manuel Santos announced that any citizen who publishes audio, photos or video of terrorist attacks instead of surrendering this material to authorities would face a prison sentence.

Prosecutor General Eduardo Montealegre said that if people published these materials online instead of delivering them to authorities the would be “obstructing justice” and “incurring in crimes, in punishable offenses that could result in prison sentences.”

Recording and posting video to any social media source is a fundamental human right, your freedom of expression. While the Colombian government searches for ways to get a hold on the terrorism related offenses plaguing the country, they must do so while respecting the rights of innocent…

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