UNODC – Colombia Survey 2014: Coca’s production is rising.


According to the UNODC’s survey, the coca cultivation increased from 48,000 ha. in 2013  to 69,000 in 2014 with a potential cocaine production of 442 metric tons, thus representing a 52 per cent increase.

Based on images collected by satellite, the Survey indicates a reduction in some Colombian regions like the Amazon, Orinoco and Sierra Nevada, it rose considerably in the Pacific, Central, Putumayo-Caquetá and Meta-Guaviare regions.

Highlights from the Survey regarding the coca crops increase:

  • Production grew strongly in two national parks, namely La Macarena and Nukak.
  • Alarming presence in Afro-Colombian and indigenous areas.
  • Red flag on the regional increase in the Putumayo-Caquetá region – 68% per cent –
  • Value of coca leaf production and coca derived farm products skyrocketed a 40% from $292 million in 2013 to $408 million in 2014.
  • The Coca economy is the equivalent of 0.3 per cent of Colombia’s GDP and three per cent of the share of GDP related to agriculture.

Full report is only available in Spanish

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