From The Economist: Time to call the FARC’s bluff.

Time to call the FARC’s bluff

Colombia’s peace process risks drifting to collapse
Jul 4th 2015 | From the print edition
IT WAS never going to be easy. Three times since the 1980s Colombian governments have tried but failed to broker peace with the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Even so, the latest talks seemed set to succeed in ending a conflict that has dogged Latin America’s third-most-populous country. Facing strengthened security forces, the FARC, a narco-Stalinist outfit, has lost all hope of military victory. Unlike the previous efforts, the negotiations are following a tight agenda, of five points, aimed at ending the conflict for good. They take place in Havana, opaquely, in an effort to insulate them from the continuing conflict back home. 
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2 responses to “From The Economist: Time to call the FARC’s bluff.

  1. Perhaps. Or maybe Santos should weather the public opinion storm and see this through. The article said “only 3 of 5 points” but this is historic… one could just as easily say “has already agreed to 3 of 5 points”

    • This conflict is one of the most complex -and longest- peace process in Latin America, too many interests involved domestically and from abroad -please read U.S.- So agreeing “only 3 of 5 points” is a good start, the hot issue here is the punishment of guerrilla leaders: not doing so will bring resentment and hatred from family of victims, tearing the social fabric like it happened in Peru; however attempting on doing so without the certainty of a fair trial will jeopardize the entire peace process. Is a tough choice that has to be dealt with diplomacy and good will.

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