Suspicions of massacre as forty-three killed in offensive against drug cartel

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The Mexican Labyrinth


Federal authorities have rejected suggestions that 42 presumed drug cartel affiliates who died in a police operation at a ranch near Tanhuato, Michoacan were victims of a massacre.

The government says that a group of armed criminals, the majority of whom were from Jalisco, fired on a security convoy at dawn on Friday, 22 May.

“A pursuit began that led to the ranch,” National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido said. “The rest of the criminals inside the ranch started to attack the federal forces with intensity.” A lone federal police officer died in the operation.

The lopsided death toll and photos of the aftermath have led social media users to question whether the presumed criminals were in fact massacred after surrendering.

In one photo, a dead man lies in the grass with a badly broken arm and missing front teeth. In another, a man lies face down wearing no…

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