Identifying Victims of Mexican Drug Cartel Violence

Drug Cartel Violence is a complex phenomenon, more posts and sites like this are needed to understand better why is so difficult to eradicate it. Congrats for adding the topic in your site.


For those who have taken even a slight notice to the media and affairs in Mexico, our neighbor to the south has been fighting a long-standing battle with ending drug cartels, and is facing a losing streak. As the case in any organization, criminal or otherwise, the use of violence is an option reaching a significant goal: obtaining power. Violence is an effective means of obtaining power and is frequently used to obtain strength through fear and coercion.

Closely related to U.S. pressure on Mexico to eradicate drug cartels, drug cartel violence increased dramatically, particularly against those outside of the drug cartel network. Despite U.S. anti-drug policy towards Mexico, the U.S. has directly exacerbated cartel activity and violence, such as in the ATF botching of Operation Fast and Furious. Failed efforts by U.S. organizations, which resulted in the release of assault weapons directly into the hands of Mexican crime organizations, have directly contributed to increased power and reach within the…

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