Is Peace Within Reach for Colombia?

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Responding to months of government raids, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) clashed with government forces in the town of La Esperanza on June 15, killing ten. This signaled the unofficial end of a four-month ceasefire once again jeopardizing peace talks between the guerilla group and Colombian government. Negotiations have repeatedly proven fragile, and the role that both sides continue to play in upsetting these talks brings into question how invested both actors are in an actual resolution.

Both FARC and the Colombian government continue to benefit, primarily economically, from a conflict that has killed roughly 200,000 since 1964 and continues to destabilize the region. Although FARC’s agreement to participate in negotiations can be viewed as a positive development, the ceasefire has actually enabled FARC to expand its illegal activities at a time when the government has an incentive to focus elsewhere.

While FARC formally agreed to…

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