Fragile States Index 2014 -Latin America

Since 2005, the Fund For Peace has published the Fragile States Index (previously Failed States Index); the index ranks social , economic, political and military indicators of state fragility, allowing decision makers, corporations, social and political scientists to use the data for measuring conflict risk.

Placing aside Haiti (which its fragility deserves a special analysis), the majority of Latin American countries fluctuate between very high warning and warning because of 1) the tension and violence the population suffers from communal, sectarian and religious violence, and the state’s inability to provide security. 2) Internal displacement population. 3) Poverty and youth unemployment; and 4) Criminality, corruption, and government’s inefficiency resulting in social protest and demonstrations.

But not all the countries are in the same ranking, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay shine in the stable spectrum because of their social policies, economic development and access to education and other services.

For a global comparison download the full report, and you need to read the Conflict Assess,went System Tool (CAST). for full description of the methodology used.

BTW the FFP web site is being reconstructed after being compromised due of an external attack, so many of the links are unavailable… my I guess? Someone didn’t like their ranking.

LATAM Fragile States Index2014


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