From WEFLA15 Agenda: “What Are the Biggest Risks Facing Latin America?”

From Gaëlle Dreyer, -World Economic Forum, 5/8/2015 Global Forum Agenda

This year, for the first time, the Global Risks report 2015 asked the World Economic Forum’s community of leaders from business, government, academia and non-governmental and international organisations to identify three global risks for which their region is the least prepared.

The global risks respondents from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) believe their region is not well enough equipped to cope with are presented in the table below. In LAC, risks related to society topped the survey with profound social instability as the first risk for which the region is the least prepared, cited by 33.3% of respondents.

At this year’s World Economic Forum on Latin America meets in Mexico, more than 700 leaders from all sectors had the opportunity to better understand the global risks faced by the region, to discuss potential implications and to take actions to address them and build reliance.

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