Have you ever heard about Los Cuinis?… Neither did I, but they are scary.

I just read this amazing article from Pep Balcárcel (a humanities student in Guatemala City and a PanAm Post intern), is a great summary on all you need to know about this new drug cartel in Sinaloa, Mexico.

dea-cartel-jalisco-nueva-generación-“Los Cuinis are relatively unknown, but according to a new report by the US  Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) they are wealthier than the feared Sinaloa and Los Zetas cartels. While most of Central America’s organized crime groups compete for a slice the US illegal drug market, Los Cuinis have used their low profile to carve out a niche market in Europe and Asia”.

Read the entire article here.

After reading Pep Balcárcel article, you can’t miss Lucio R. post about Los Cuinis on Borderland Beat, a translation and republishing of Jesus Esquivel’s article from Proceso.

Stay tuned 🙂

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