From Mexico with love… World Economic Forum on LATAM 2015

(Mexico) - Riviera MayaThe World Economic Forum 2015 meets in the amazing Riviera Maya, in Mexico; Presidents from Latin America gathered to talk about economic development, poverty, growth, energy, education, trade and investment surrounded by jaw dropping landscapes and the hospitality of the Mexican people.

Today, the President of Mexico Mr. Peña Nieto pointed out that Latin America with all its richness on natural resources, diversity and social capital has “gained a decisive role as an engine of growth and social progress” and for that, it is imperative to continue supporting education in the region. Mr. Peña Nieto is accurate on this: Assuring that all children have access to education, and increasing the number of years children spend in school is the foundation to alleviate poverty because they can access better jobs, thus empowering society and making them agents of change.

The WEFLATAM Agenda focuses on economic development, productivity and competitiveness mainly, but the social and health component has its own spotlight in the Agenda.

You will like to stay in the loop on what will be discussed on the Regional Energy Outlook -specially the structural reforms in Mexico and the recent board changes in Brazil-. Regarding Global Trade and Investment the forum will address transoceanic channels, Asia-Pacific trade (Hello China!) and legal investment guarantees. Also on economic development, follow the discussion on macroeconomic risk, volatility in oil prices and capital flows.

Finally, a must see is the special address that Mr. Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic of Colombia will make tomorrow May 7th around 18:30 CDT. Must surely he will talk about the stagnated peace process, need investment for growth, and the challenges in the forthcoming national elections, but who knows?

Stay tuned 🙂


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