RURAL WOMEN in Latin America Define Their Own Kind of Feminism

Conga Conflict

Written by Fabiana Frayssinet
Friday, 17 April 2015 10:38

 CLOC(IPS) – Rural organisations in Latin America are working on defining their own concept of feminism, one that takes into account alternative economic models as well as their own concerns and viewpoints, which are not always in line with those of women in urban areas.

Gregoria Chávez, an older farmer from the northwest Argentine province of Santiago del Estero, said feminism must include “the struggles and support of our fellow farmers in defending the land.”

Until recently, feminism was an alien concept for her. But like so many other women farmers around Latin America, she is now a leader in the battles in her province against the spread of monoculture soy production and the displacement of small farmers.

“I think women are important in the countryside because they are braver than men,” she told IPS. “I’m not afraid of anything…

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