The 2015 Summit of the Americas: What Wasn’t Said

Read all the article, the best part is almost at the end, enjoy.

Cumbre de las Americas Cumbre de las Americas

Most reports about the Summit of the Americas, held two weeks ago in Panama, coincided regarding one issue: it was historic. The reconciliation of the United States and Cuba signaled the return of the latter to this hemispheric forum. Aside from that, there wasn’t enough time or consensus to talk about other pressing issues in the region; one of which being the deterioration of human rights in Venezuela. This was not approached by any of the member countries of the OAS. So what does this mean for Venezuela? And what is the position of the region regarding human rights? These are some of the questions addressed in this article.

Venezuela left diminished but unscathed

In addition to dire economic crisis, Venezuela is also facing accusations of human rights violations; indeed, the 2014 massive protests[1] led to a wave of repressions and detentions of students and…

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