First Lady of Venezuela, TV show and life of the Revolution

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Women in international politics

New social media can be growing into power, yet traditional media, such as television and radio, still remain forceful tools in political communication. Nicolás Maduro, current President of Venezuela, learnt this lesson from his predecessor and mentor, Hugo Chavez. Like the father of the Bolivarian Revolution who during 12 years appeared regularly in a radio and TV show “Aló presidente”, Maduro created his own TV program “Contacto con Maduro” in which he has starred for almost two years. Few days ago he announced that his wife and the First Lady of Venezuela, Cilia Flores, would also have her own broadcast program.

Flores “has accepted to host a one-hour weekly TV show where she will assess the life of the Revolution from the point of view of a mother” announced her husband.

This strange sentence displays in reality new political strategy adopted in the eve of the parliamentary elections

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