The U.S. At the Summit of The Americas


The seventh Summit of the Americas has started this Friday 10th, in Panama City, Panama. This year’s theme “Prosperity with Equity: The Challenge of Cooperation in the Americas” supports United Nations’ Development Goals and the importance of equality to achieve socioeconomic development, but perhaps what is most notorious about the Summit is the debut of Cuba, the first official meeting between Cuban President Raul Castro and Barack Obama of the United States, and the promise from the later of showing more respect toward Latin America politics.

President Barack Obama says the days when the United States could meddle in Latin America are past, as a regional conference opens in Panama”. – BBC News 


Could it be? If the Venezuela and Argentina economic crisis deepens, Mexico’s social unrest spike high flushing fearful citizens out of the country, and the drug lords in South America raids local governments corrupting security forces . Will the U.S. work hand in hand with the OAS (Organization of American States) in the spirit of diplomatic cooperation? Will this new U.S. foreign policy support OAS purpose to strengthen the peace and security of the continent defending the principle of non intervention? 

Let’s what happens. 

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