The Problem With How We Treat Latin America’s Economy

Interesting point of view, worth reading.

Latin America: The Troubles and Turmoils of an Historically Rich Continent

In Latin America, we, (the rest of the world), have spent far too much time dealing with our own concerns. The World Bank says it’s goal is to help the impoverished nations of the world, but as seen in John Pilger’s documentary “War By Other Means”, the rest of the world merely ignores the problems and raises debts so that they can get more money. The world is not concerned with the welfare of the impoverished, they are concerned with the welfare of the gluttonous and the greedy. The reason for this is that the gluttonous and greedy are the ones who are in charge of the money that is being used to “aid” these under-developed nations which are grasping for air.

The way to solve this is simple: HELP them.

This may seem like a very general, uninformative plan. However, it is also the only plan that is needed…

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