Che Guevara

Che GuevaraDoctor, writer, journalist, philosopher and commander of the Cuban Revolution. Che Guevara was an anti-imperialist, socialist and communist who centered his ideology on his passion for freedom, dignity and equality.

47 years have passed after his death in Bolivia, but the echo of Ernesto “Che” Guevara will always be remembered amongst academics, ideologist, political parties and anyone who was touched by his free thinking spirit on human rights and social justice.

To tell you the truth I don’t know if his actions were justified, doing wrong for the greater good is a moral dilemma what I know is that he was a man of ideas, principles and passion who changed Latin America for better or worse.

Let me tell you, with the risk of appear ludicrous, an authentic revolutionary is always guided by the greatest emotion of all… love. Love for freedom, love for equal conditions, love for dignity, love for the human being”.

Ernesto Che Guevara 1957-1967 vol. 1 p.598

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